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Ancillary Counseling Services

There's an old saw that says, "You pay for free advice after you take it." We provide private and specialty business consulting services in the areas of Main Street commercial-investment real estate and business investment opportunities.


We use objective counseling approaches to help our clients solve problems, find new opportunities, avoid pitfalls and wasted effort, save time, money, and make the best possible strategic business decisions. 

We provide the following independent non-transaction, non-representation, non-contingent, fee-based consulting and advisory support services:*    

Commercial-Investment Real Estate Consulting

  • Lease vs. Buy Property Analysis

  • Commercial and Residential Investment Lease Planning

  • Comparative Lease Analysis

  • Competitive Market Analysis ​

  • Due Diligence Review

  • Investment Property Financial Analysis

  • Specialized Consulting Projects and Research Services

  • Property Acquisition Analysis and Planning

  • Property Disposition Analysis and Planning

  • Investment Portfolio Analysis

  • Strategic Property Positioning Planning

  • Hold vs. Sell Property Analysis

  • APOD Cash Flow and Resale Analysis

  • Return-on-Investment (ROI) Analysis

  • Rehab and Wholesale (Property Flipping) Investment Analysis 

  • Real Estate Retirement Account (Roth or Solo 401(k) and IRA) Investment Analysis

  • Real Estate Investment Partnership Analysis

  • General Commercial-Investment Real Estate Consulting/Advisory               


Business Opportunities Consulting

  • Business Pricing and Valuation Analysis (BVS Compliant and non-BVS Compliant Business Appraisals)

  • ​Strategic Business Transfer Planning

  • Business Salability and Transferability Analysis

  • Specialized Consulting Projects and Research Services

  • Due Diligence Review

  • General Business Opportunity Consulting/Advisory

For a confidential conversation about your consulting needs, please contact us at +1 (202) 380-9464 or via email at Learn more about our client needs assessment​.

*Consulting and Advisory (Counseling) services are provided independently through our private consulting practice, Ileri Consulting™, and involve the submission of recommendations, information, advice, and intelligence services only. Consulting implementation services are distinct from advisory services and delivered on a case-by-case basis. We operate in accordance with Independent Consulting Industry Best Practices, USPAP/Appraisal Industry Business Valuation Standards (BVS), NAR Code of Ethics, and voluntarily adhere to the definition of real estate counseling services developed by The Counselors of Real Estate (CRE) (formerly known as The American Society of Real Estate Counselors [ASREC]) of the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR).


Please Note: We are not members of the CRE nor do we offer​ a' la carte, discounts, rebates, or transaction brokerage "fee-for-services" (i.e., unbundled real estate transaction consulting or limited transaction brokerage). 

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