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Ileri Ogunfiditimi is an individual member of the National Association of Sales Professionals (NASP), and complies with the association's standards of professionalism. He pledges to conduct business in the best interests of his customers, his employer, the public and the sales profession.

1. Ethics and Professionalism

I will act with the highest degree of professionalism, ethics and integrity.

2. Representation of Facts 

I will fairly represent the benefits of my products and services.

3. Confidentiality Agreement

I will keep information about my customers confidential.

4. Continuing Education

I will maintain an on-going program of professional development.

5. Responsibility to Clients

I will act in the best interest of my clients, striving to present products and services that satisfy my customers' needs.

6. Responsibility to NASP

I will share my lessons of experience with fellow NASP members and promote the interests of NASP.

7. Responsibility to Employer

I will represent my employer in a professional manner and respect my employers' proprietary information.

8. Responsibility to Community

I will serve as a model of good citizenship and be vigilant to the effects of my products and services on my community.

9. Conflicts of Interest

I will disclose potential conflicts of interest to all relevant parties and whenever possible, resolve conflicts before they become a problem.

10. Laws

I will observe and obey all laws that affect my products, services, and profession.  

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